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matte black dipped audi r8

Vehicle Customization

Dipping Unlimited offers a wide array of services that enable you to customize the appearance of your vehicle. Our services include plasti dipping, vinyl wraps, clear bra paint protection, and window tinting to name a few. For more information about what we do check out the information below.
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Services Offered at Dipping Unlimited

Mini Cooper Plastidipped in Matte Black

Plasti dip is a liquid rubber paint that is sprayed onto a vehicle or any other surface with the use of a HVLP spray gun. Plasti dip is temporary and removable. Sprayed in a fully sealed booth specifically designed for plasti dip, the rubber paint adheres layer after layer to create a thick durable bond that not only covers up the existing paint, but protects the original surface with a new color. With unlimited options of colors and finishes, you can customize your vehicle with a new plasti dip paint job and change the entire look of the vehicle. We can dip entire cars, trucks, SUVs, buses, and even home furniture. You bring it, we’ll dip it.

vinyl tinted headlights

Vinyl wrapping allows you to design and/or print nearly anything you can imagine. At Dipping Unlimited you can choose from a full spectrum of colors and several different finishes such as matte, satin, chrome, or gloss. Full exterior wraps can drastically change the look of your vehicle, while still remaining cheaper than a paint job. Vinyl wraps are removable and you can wrap anything from your whole vehicle to just the interior.

clear bra installation

Clear Bra, also known as Paint Protection Film (PPF), serves as a thick clear barrier that is capable of withstanding severe punishment and abuse while keeping the paint or vinyl underneath completely protected. Once the clear bra is installed, rest assured knowing that the rocks and road debris flying up from the road and other vehicles will not harm the front end and other areas protected by the clear bra. Not only does it protect your paint from rock chips, it also saves areas from sun damage, pitting and bubbling, and otherwise potentially harmful cosmetic damage. At Dipping Unlimited we are 3M trained and certified to apply the best PPF material in order to ensure a professional and high quality finish.

vinyl tinted taillights on an audi s5

Smoking or tinting your lights is a great, subtle option to add a customized look to your vehicle. From taillights and headlights to side markers and light bars, we can tint your lights in a light or dark color option. Smoking or tinting your lights is one of the most popular yet simple modifications you can do to give your vehicle the sleek, unique look it deserves.

custom vinyl wraps

We can help you advertise your company, brand, or product with business advertising graphics. By vinyl wrapping your vehicle with your company’s logo and graphics you can immediately increase your local exposure. Let us help you grow your business with a vehicle advertising wrap.

Dipped Wheels

plasti dipped wheels
Dipped wheels are a low cost solution for improving your vehicles appearance. Plasti dip allows you to customize your wheels without damaging the original surface. In fact, the plasti dip protects your wheels while providing stunning highlights to the overall appearance of your vehicle. Choose from an abundance of color options and let us handle the rest.

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